10 Tasks of Human Resources


10 Tasks of Human Resources

In this article, I would like to give you an overview of the tasks of human resources management. The employees of a company are the most important capital of an organization and for this reason, personnel management is of central importance.

With personnel management, they determine to a large extent the work performance, innovative capacity, motivation and satisfaction of their employees. Small and medium-sized enterprises in particular often pay little attention to human resources management, but here, too, I would suggest that they look at the big companies how they deal with human resources.

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Try to derive from the knowledge they gain from the observations or from my articles, potential possibilities of implementation. Of course, they can not take the idea and approach of the literature on the subject of human resources 1: 1 for smaller companies, rather the processes and processes from large companies serve as a source of inspiration.

10 Tasks of Human Resources

Staff Planning

Personnel planning is defined in the literature, as a ‘mental advance of future human resources in the company’.  Try to plan how much staff and what skills you need in the near future in the company.

Small companies usually only react to a personal shortage if it is already too late and you realize that you or your employees have to perform a very high workload. Until then a new employee is hired, it usually also takes a certain time.

The early scheduling of personnel would probably have saved much stress.


The procurement of personnel is concerned with procuring the necessary labor force for the company in quantitative, qualitative and temporal terms.

After all, every employee is unique and the company has to look at the fact that it can get enough (quantitatively) workers, bring the right skills (quality), and that the workforce is available at the right time.

For small businesses, the Internet offers the ideal opportunity to find cost-effective highly qualified employees. They can already find suitable candidates through career networks such as Xing or LinkedIn.

Use of personnel

With the hiring of a new worker, the personnel starts to work and with the leaving of the enterprise he ends. The goals in the context of personnel deployment are, on the one hand, to achieve the best possible performance with an employee, but also to promote satisfaction and the whole thing at the lowest possible cost.

Human Resources Management

The personnel management ensures that the company’s goals and strategic decisions are implemented by the superiors. (you can visit CommercePK Huma Resource Management to learn more about this )

Personnel remuneration

Personnel reimbursement is mainly about three aspects:

  • Wage finding
    • What wage should an employee receive for his work? The wage should be qualifying for fairness, market justice, social justice, performance rights and requirements.
  • Remuneration
    • The employee should receive any additional wage and profit or capital participation
  • Staff costs
    • The recording of staff costs and staff costs, such as social benefits.

Human resources development

Personnel development in a company should ensure that employees are continually being further qualified.

In small & medium-sized organizations in specific, little money is often available for further training, but small companies should also try to develop their employees on an ongoing basis.

Not only expensive seminars in Switzerland train their employees, but also webinars on the Internet, for example, to form their employees. Or give your employees time to read trade magazines and web pages and to form themselves in this way.

Free of charge

Staffing is concerned with the adjustment of working conditions, but without the fact that there is a need for dismissal.

An employee is not dismissed during the internal release of personnel, here the personnel department reverts to measures such as the dismantling of additional work, an introduction of short-time work or transfer.

Personnel Administration

Personnel administration is entrusted with various tasks of personnel management. For example, the personnel administration is concerned with various administrative activities (eg personnel accounting).

Small enterprises could save resources by outsourcing certain administrative tasks to specific service providers.

Personal policy

Within the context of personnel policy, principles and decisions regarding the reciprocal relationships between supervisors and employees, employees among themselves and between the employees and their work are taken.

Depending on the company, the definition of personnel policy can be made in the company statutes, orders, written instructions or even verbal.

Personal controlling

Personnel control combines the planning, control, and management of human resources with the provision of information. Personnel control primarily collects information and then evaluates it.