Cash Book -Three column cash book practice


Cash Book -three column cash book practice

         The following problem will help you to understand that how to maintain record in Three column cash book.

         The cash book is very widely use in every business, it is important to understand that  how it is maintained in business concerns.


cash book practice
Cash Book -Three column cash book practice


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Practical Example :

1st March 2014,  1. Cash in hand Rs.1532 and balance at bank Rs.18500.

2. Received from Salman Rs.590 and allowed him discount Rs.10.

3. Paid salaries for the month of February Rs.200.

4. Purchased merchandise payment made by cheque Rs.3200.

8. Paid Bilal&co by cheque Rs.800 discount received Rs.20.

10. Withdrew from bank for office use Rs.400. paid rent in cash Rs.300.

14. Deposited into bank Rs.500.

15. Cash sales Rs.2460.

18. Purchased a motor car for Rs.6500 payment made by cheque.

23. Received a cheque from Salman for Rs.391 discount Rs.9.

25. Paid wages Rs.350.

28. Salman cheque paid into bank.

29. Paid general expenses Rs.360.

31. Bank informed that Salman’s cheque has been dishonored.

31. Cash sales Rs.6440.


                                                      Haseeb & Co

                                                       Cash Book

                                      For the month of March, 2014

Receipt                                                                                                           Payment

DateParticularRefDiscountCash BankDateParticularRefDiscCashBank
1marbalance  1532185001 marSalaries  200 
2Salman 1059 4Purchases   3200
10BankC 400 8Bilal & co 20 800
14CashC  50010Cash   400
15Sales  2460 10Rent  300 
23Salman  9391 14Bank  500 
28CashC  39118Motor car   6500
31Sales  6440 25Wages  350 
      28Bank  391 
      29General exp  360 
      31Salman   391
      31Bank charges   15
       Balance   91818085
 Total 191128219391 Total 201128219391