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What is Black economy [Explained]

What is Black economy A black economy is that portion of a country’s economy that is undocumented. Individuals prefer to operate within the black economy...


UK Debt Interest Payments

UK Debt Interest Payments Debt interest payments are the amount the government need to pay to holders of government bonds. It is the cost of servicing public...


UK Budget Deficit

The budget deficit is the annual amount the government has to borrow to meet the shortfall between current receipts (tax) and government spending. Net...


The decline of Yellow Pages

For those born in the digital age, a paper copy of business listings may seem something of an anachronism. Why leaf through a telephone directory, when you can...


Demand-pull inflation

Demand-pull inflation Demand-pull inflation is a period of inflation which arises from rapid growth in aggregate demand. If aggregate demand (AD) rises faster...

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