Explain Human Resources Management


Explain Human Resources Management

Human resources management is a set of functions and measures aimed at mobilizing and developing staff resources for greater efficiency, in support of an organization’s strategy.

Human resources are a service of the company headed by the Director of Human Resources (or sometimes by the Director General or the Administrative and Financial Director in small structures), and is responsible for the administrative management of personnel (payroll, Training, social and labor relations, recruitment, career and skills management, internal and / or external communication, Human Resources information systems (HRIS) ).

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Human resources management covers many areas, covering all stages of the worker’s “life” in the organization: recruitment, career management, training, performance evaluation, conflict management, Social dialogue, motivation and involvement of staff, communication, job satisfaction, working conditions.

Personnel Administration:

It is in this aspect that the function begins to exist and to be perceived in the company: The recording, monitoring and control of the individual and collective data of the personnel of the company; The application of legal and regulatory provisions in the company; The preparation of committees and meetings; The maintenance of order and control and the scoring work

Management in the broadest sense:

This term covers three areas: human resources acquisition: through employment management, recruitment programs, career and promotion plans, job analysis and assessment of people; Remuneration management: through the analysis and evolution of positions, salary scale, remuneration policy, profit-sharing and participation; Training management: by identifying needs, drawing up training plans, implementing training actions and evaluating results.

Communication, information and working conditions:

The tasks of the Directorate of Human Resources with regard to information are Definition of the public and the design of the messages; Management of means: business log, display, audio-visual, systematic meeting; Improvement of working conditions. As regards working conditions, the main themes are: Hygiene and safety; The organization of working time; The management of social activities (restaurant, holiday center, leisure)

Labor relations:

This area consists of three activities: negotiation, conclusion, and renewal of the business agreement; The implementation of the collective agreement: The Human Resources Department is responsible for the application of the collective agreement and the solution of individual and collective conflicts to improve labor relations. With the help or participation of workers’ representatives where appropriate (trade union); External relations (institutional partners).