Goals of Personnel Management


Goals of Personnel Management

The goals of personnel management are not only pursued by the employees of the personnel department but the company management, the executives and the works council of a company are also decisively involved in the pursuit of the personnel management goals.

The objectives can essentially be divided into two broad groups: economic objectives and social objectives.

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Economic goals

The starting point for the consideration of the economic objectives is the best possible supply of the company with the appropriate employees taking into account the economic principle.

The main economic objectives are:

  • Optimal use of the elementary factor “human work” and the optimal combination of the other application factors.
  • Minimizing the cost sum of all factors and maximizing profit according to the economic principle.
  • Increase in human work performance, for example through training or motivation.
  • Use the creativity and experience of the employees for more efficient task completion.This is done, for example, by the continuous improvement process (CIP).

These economic objectives are often confronted with conflicting social goals, so it is not always easy to find suitable compromises.

Social goals

The main social responsibility of personnel management is the best possible design of the work conditions for the employees. The following objectives can be derived from this main objective:

  • Workplace design
  • Occupational health and safety
  • Working time design
  • Remuneration
  • working conditions
  • Human Resources Management
  • Human resources development
  • Co-determination

In general, one might well say that the works council would rather represent and pursue the social goals, while corporate management pursues more economic objectives.

How are these goals derived?

The (primarily economic) objectives are derived from the corporate objectives, which in turn are determined by the company management. However, important aspects of personnel policy can also be regulated within the framework of the company’s corporate image or the vision.

In this way, certain principles of employee management are often incorporated into a corporate image, which can then lead to a series of social goals for personnel management.