How to successfully complete your job interview? (Practical Guide)


How to successfully complete your job interview?

Whether for an internship or for a job, job interviewing is a necessary and essential step. Indeed, the interview represents the second (and last) phase of recruitment, after the selection of CVs. You are therefore several candidates running for the position, and the interview will determine which is the most suitable for this specific position. These are tips to keep in mind.

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Before the interview

Preparation for maintenance is absolutely necessary. Indeed, it is fundamental to know a minimum the company for which you apply, for three reasons.

First, you need to know the values of the company to find out if it matches you and if you will be happy in your future position.


Having knowledge of the company for which you are applying increases your chances of successful maintenance.

First, because the person in front of you can ask you specific questions about the company, to assess your level of knowledge if it deems it necessary.

Secondly, because your speech, in general, will be conditioned by the company and its values (especially your view on current events).

During the Interview

The first and most important advice is the following:

do not let yourself invade and dominate by stress.

 It is almost impossible not to be stressed, but this stress must be channeled and push you to be even more motivated.

Remember, for example, that the very fact that you got the interview means you are interested in the business. Successful maintenance, therefore, depends only on you. Concerning the general attitude to adopt, favor a behavior very smiling and enthusiastic.

Do not smile can be interpreted as a lack of interest in the job because among the criteria that enter the recruiter’s account is the motivation. Show that you are the one who has the most desire, and explains why you are made for the position and why the position is right for you.

Finally, Do not be afraid of silence. It is better to take a few seconds of reflection to prepare an answer rather than to respond to the tac to tac and then get lost in its explanations. This is obviously related to your stress level, a calm attitude will be the guaranty of more lucidity and strategy.