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Qualities of a Good Auditor

Qualities of a Good Auditor:

Qualities of a good Auditor can be judge by the following point and must possess the following Qualities.

1.Master of the Auditing:

        An auditor should have full control on his subject auditing .he must be master of techniques and must have practical knowledge of law directly effecting his progression he should have up-to-date knowledge about auditing.

Qualities of a Good Auditor
Qualities of a Good Auditor

2.  Competent:

        The auditor should be a competent person. He must have complete and thorough knowledge of accountancy to understand the accounting. He can apply his knowledge and skills. He must be a professional competent.

3.  Taxation law:

        He must have knowledge of all taxation law of his country .i.e. income tax, property tax, sale tax etc

        In most companies auditor is hire to deal with tax matters.

4.   Honest:

        An  auditor must be hones that is he must not certify what he does not believe to be true and must be take reasonable care and skill before he believes what he certifies is true.

5.   Secrecy:

         Secrecy is the quality of an auditor .there is a keen competition among the business unit leakage of business information can put the client into difficulties s the auditor must maintain 100% secrecy of all business matters.

 6.  Leadership:

        An auditor must have leadership qualities .he is the leader of an audit team. The senior and junior audit clerks are working under his leadership. He must have a communication ability he can motivate and control the audit staff.

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7.  Must be a practical:

        He must be practical if he is approached for professional advice; he must understand the piratical needs of his client and thus make recommendation which would suit him.

8.   Business law:

        An auditor must be fully aware with the principle and practice of business law and must have through knowledge of the statuary ditties right and responsibilities.

9.   Intelligent man:

        An auditor must be intelligent so that he is able to estimate correctly the value of information or explanation given to him and must be able to understand the technical details of any concern.

10.   Qualification:

         For professional auditors it is necessary that he should be a charted accountant according to the companies.

11.  Computer Expert:

         The auditor must be able to operate the computer. Today the business organizations are using computers. If auditor does not know to use computer, he cannot work efficiently.

12.  Patience:  

        There should be a quality of patience in the auditor. Before signing on any paper he should check the evidence and then sign it. He never checks the papers in hurry.

 13.  Common Sense:      

        The auditor must have the quality of common sense and judgment. He may be able to assess the value of depreciation and bad debts.

 14.   Tactful :

         He also needs to be tactful and practical in his dealings with his clients.

 15. Innovation:

         this is last but not the lease qualities of a good Auditor.Every organization has its own inner workings and to be a successful auditing manager or compliance officer requires creativity. Combine innovation with current business processes to yield impressive results. Using audit software and continually up skilling your data analysis experience with cutting edge audit techniques will ensure that you are able to solve business problems within the organization that no-one else can master.


         An auditor is an accountant who is in charge of inventory. A successful auditor would have an excellent memory, good organizational skills, a solid understanding of mathematics, and a great deal of patience.


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