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Top 5 reasons students fail to succeed in Exams

Top 5 reasons students fail to succeed in Exams

The first thing you need to know about students is that they are not very same to each other, some of them come out from the difficulties of their environment so they can’t express themselves, while other have problem about what they are no really getting and so on.

The major 5 factors about failure of students are listed below

  1. Poor time management skills

Students always face problems due to their bad time management; the always show laziness towards their home assignments and studies.

If the students is good at managing their home tasks and studies then there will be more chances to better prepared be for the transition from high school to college- two very different worlds.

Successful students will never rely upon their parents or teachers to tell them that when the test date is approaching and assignments are going to be due.

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  1. Fear on lack of self -confidence and failure;

Well in my opinion failure is more important than success. The student should never think about the failure because it is a part of success. For most of the students the very thought of not being able to success is no to attempting it at all. And then some of other students react over confident so in that case they miss out their weakness and at very first mistake they get compelled by mistake to the failure.

  1. Having No ability to Get Tasks Done;

Every student must have courage to complete the task until its not done. Parent should guide their children to the points where they only need help, do not make them wish for the extra help every time.

Make your children a habitual for the daily creative task so they can figure a possible way to the solution and this can also them in a real life problem.

  1. Depending upon other students:

These are the students that always depend upon their friends, in most cases come of these students are more creative and intelligent than the others but they don’t really find themselves in a hard work that they become familiar to their skills and ability to do things.

  1. Distracted by social media:

This is the major problem that most of the students fail to succeed in their exams, they lose all of their interest in their studies and then later on they forget about the most important thing in their life study that is the key to the success.

Even if they try to get rid of this problem, they always fail to get this done because the power of social media is stronger than their self-defense.

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