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8 Decoration Tips for Open Wall Shelves

You should make sure that you have some great decorating tips for when it comes to all areas of your home, especially the walls. There are different areas where you can use open shelving units in your home, so make sure that you are using them to the best of your abilities. Here are just some of the best tips that you should use to make sure that your design style is on point all over your home.

Best Tips

If you are using some of the trendy wall shelves at Urban Ladder, then you should know how to use them. Here are 8 of the best tips for how to use the open style shelving units, including:

1. Shelving art – If you have collected various pieces over the years, then you can add them to your open shelving units. This will help to give the room an eclectic, chic and unique feel.
2. Display magazines and books – For those who love to read physical books or magazines, then using this type of display to show them off is ideal.
3. Addition of greenery – Another way to use these for a great decoration method is to add some greenery. Ensure that you are using small plants that won’t tip over easily if the shelving unit is close to the ground.
4. Display photographs – Another method that is great for decoration is the use of photographs. You can put up photos of your family, ones you have taken or just any that you love.
5. Use of height – Also, you can make the units stand out more by using different heights. If you add a taller item, such as a vase or art pieces, the eye will automatically be drawn upwards.
6. Neutral colors – If you are using bright shades when it comes to the shelving unit, then you should keep a few of the decoration items in neutral colors. This will create a timeless and sophisticated design.
7. Sizes – You should also make sure to use sizes as a way to keep the design stylish. You can mix and match the smaller and bigger items for a layered and balanced style look.
8. Paint – You might not want something that is a simple white or black color, so don’t be afraid to bring out the paint. You can give the room a few splashes of color simply by using paint, which can also be monochromatic or bright.

You should always make sure that you follow these tips to get the most out of the open style shelving units that are available everywhere. Go ahead and follow these tips to have a great looking room that you can personalize and changeup.

Ensure that if you are using shelving as one of the design elements in your house that you know some of the best tips. Go ahead and using art, photographs and more to give the room a personal touch. Also, you can use color, greenery and various sizes and heights of items to make a huge difference and add some sophistication, brightness and balanced look to the room.

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