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What Are Human Resources?

What Are Human Resources?

Definition of Human Resources

The heart of the organization is Human Capital.  The aim of human resources is to provide the company with the personnel necessary for its proper functioning. This implies, to ensure the sufficient number, but also competent and motivated for the proper functioning of the organization.  The stakes of the human resources function are reflected at all levels of the company: It guarantees the good productivity of the company by providing a competent and motivated staff.  Motivated and effective sales forces can enhance the company’s commercial reach. 
The financial outcomes of the personnel management will make it possible to limit the costs of the company. 

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4-point human resources management

The Human Resources Management is therefore employed on a daily basis in the company on 4 main fields of action:

  • Recruitment of employees In order to match the skill needs of the company with the individual talents, human resources must perfectly target their present needs but also the facilities that each recruited staff will have to adapt to the future needs of the company, business.
  • The remuneration of staff HRM encompasses both payroll and wage motivation. It must be the right balance between the cost incurred by the company and the motivation required by the employee.
  • The strategic management at the heart of the company, HRM must plan and adapt Human Capital according to the needs of the company in order to make it efficient and reactive in its ever more fluctuating and unstable environment.
  • Improving working conditions The Human Resources function goes beyond the simple prevention of absenteeism due to accidents and illnesses in order to improve the productivity and performance of the company by taking psychology into account, Account of the motivation and stress of its Human Capital.

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