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What does a Bookkeeper Do

If you are searching for bookkeeper job description or want to know What does a Bookkeeper Do ? then your are at the right place or on the right article. we will discuss What Does a Bookkeeper Actually Do while he /she is on job.

bookkeeper is accountable for processing the paperwork for a company’s business transactions. In the end, the transactions will be recorded in accounts within the company’s general ledger book. Now day software is used to perform these bookkeeping tasks such as peachtree, quick book & tally.

Business owners expect from Bookkeepers to generate accurate, efficient, and knowledgeable reports, and he must have efficient knowledge of debits and credits rules, the chart of accounts, accounts payable procedures, sales and accounts receivable, payroll, and much more.

What does a Bookkeeper Do

The Duties of a bookkeeper will be varying by type and size of the business or organization. the job description of the bookkeeper is as following.

    • Insert all sales invoices on the accounting software or in books of accounts
    • Insert all purchase invoices and expense receipts on the accounting software or in books of accounts
    • Insert all sales income on the accounting software or in books of accounts
    • insert all purchase payments on the accounting software or in books of accounts
    • Reconcile the income and expenses to the bank statements (by ticking off the transactions)
    • petty cash Reconciliation
    • sales and purchase ledger Reconciliation
    • Inputting capital expenditure on the accounting software or in books of accounts
    • Classifying the costs in the correct place
    • Accruals and prepayments
    • Depreciation journal
    • Corporation tax provision

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The bookkeeper’s work is usually supervised by an accountant/ manager or the business owner.

The bookkeeper and the accountant’s connection should be tight.  It is not always but it really helps the company if they are mutually helpful to each other, particularly to resolve accounting issues.
A bookkeeper can make the accountant’s life easier by getting the accounting records to a good stage, the accountant can make the bookkeeper’s life easier by helping with more of the technical aspects of the job.

A boundless bookkeeper can be the solid foundation of a good financial part of the business.  Some businesses do not take this role as seriously as they good and then can be unaware of the effect that bad accounting records are having on the business.  Usually, it is the accountant who highlights this and can also highlight the importance of the bookkeeper in the timely preparation of the accounts.

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