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What is Money and its Characteristics

What is Money

Money Is what Money does….

According to Crowther,

“Anything that is generally acceptable as a means of exchange and which at the same time acts as a measure and store of value.”                

Thus, anything is Money, which is generally acceptable as a medium of exchange, and at the same time it must act as a measure and a store of value. Anything implies a thing to be used as money need not be necessarily composed of any precious metal. The only necessary condition is that, it should be universally accepted by people as a medium of exchange.

what is money
what is money

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Characteristics of Money 

It performs five important characteristics:-

  1. Store of value:  In order to be a medium of exchange, It must hold its value over time; that is, it must be a store of value. If it could not be stored for some period of time and still remain valuable in exchange, it would not solve the double coincidence of wants problem and therefore would not be adopted as a medium of exchange. As a store of value, money is not unique; many other stores of value exist, such as land, works of art, and even baseball cards and stamps. It may not even be the best store of value because it depreciates with inflation. However, money is more liquid than most other stores of value because as a medium of exchange, it is readily accepted everywhere. Furthermore, money is an easily transported store of value that is available in a number of convenient denominations.

  2. Delayed payment: It is also certainly used as the unit in terms of which all future or deferred payments are stated. Future transactions can be carried on in terms of money. The loans, which are taken at present, can be repaid in money in the future. The value of the future payments is regulated by money.
  1. Medium of exchange: It acts as a medium of exchange as it’s generally accepted. On the payment of money, purchase of goods and services can be made i.e. goods and services are exchanged for money. Money bifurcates buying and selling activities separately so it facilitates the exchange transactions.

  2. Measure of value: It is a common measure of value so it is possible to determine the rate of exchange between various goods and services purchased by the people. Exchange value of commodity can be expressed in terms of money. For e.g. we can say that 30 meters of Cotton Cloth cost $330 dollars or Rs.30,000 rupees only.

  3. Transfer of value: Value of any asset can be transferred from one person to another or to any institution or to any place by transferring money. The transfer of money can take place irrespective of places, time and circumstances. Transfer of purchasing power, which is necessary in commerce and other transactions, has become available because of money.

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