Why become an Accountant


Why become an Accountant?

You are tempted by the profession of public accountant, but you do not dare to cross the threshold? Do you have a dusty image of a man-accountant armed with his wooden pencil and his small glasses? Are you afraid that the trade will not be for you? Read these few lines and forget your prejudices!

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The accountant of today is a modern man or woman

He controls the accounting of his clients, companies, but also associations or institutions and advises them on their management and even their strategy. He uses new technologies and accounting software to spare him long and tedious calculations, which gives him more time to analyze accounts and support his client in the development of his business. As the name suggests, it is both an accountant and an expert. The mission of the accountant is not limited to keeping the accounts of his client. Thanks to his extensive knowledge in management and law, he will be able to answer all the problems of the head of company related to his activity. 

The public accountant is the partner of the head of the company

A real advisor to the manager, he accompanies him from the creation of his company to the transmission of it through commercial development, personnel management and sometimes financial difficulties. For the better or for worse, the accountant supports his client, without ever interfering in the management of the company. He brings to the manager his global vision of a generalist to inform, enlighten him, “simplify the company” and allow him to refocus on his profession.

The daily life of the accountant is made up of contacts and techniques

During the same day, the accountant meets with clients, associates, and partners (lawyers, notaries, banks) and deals with accounting, tax and social accounting issues. He travels to his client to meet him and uses new technologies to communicate remotely and optimize his time. At the heart of the economic life, the accountant has an exciting job. It must be endowed with various qualities such as the spirit of synthesis, listening, diplomacy and rigor. He must love the numbers but know how to make them speak and therefore be a good communicator.

The remuneration of the public accountant is interesting

The figures speak for themselves, the accountants, are after the notaries, the best-paid professionals Liberal. The average remuneration of a mid-career accountant is $ 77,000. Of course, this is not an average, and the remuneration of the accountant is directly related to his working time. 

A single degree gives access to two trades

Indeed, the diploma of public accounting makes it possible to practice the profession of the accountant and that of Auditor. The latter’s role is not to “control” the client’s accounts but to “certify” them, which implies great independence from clients. This independence ensures a certain objectivity and forbids him to advise the client. 

Finally, the accountant is free but framed

Free to settle where he wants in France. Free to choose its type of clientele. Free to work remotely or to make frequent trips. Free to set his own income level according to the time he wishes to give his work. Like many liberal professionals, the accountant is guided by a strict professional regulation and a very active professional Order. This regulation ensures the trust of its customers and the recognition of its partners.

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