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Download and Steps to fill out Bank Reconciliation Form

Bank Reconciliation form is used to reconcile your bank statement balance with your cash book balance. Its points out mistake and differences in balance, which cause an error in accounting books. To reconcile your bank balance with your cashbook you need to draw a bank reconciliation statement, but now a day excel have eased this process the formula already emerges in excel sheet. Now you can easily reconcile your bank statement in few minutes.

Bank Reconciliation Form

Download the free printable bank reconciliation form in excel format (below link is available). This Microsoft Excel document allows you to quickly reconcile your bank account.

You can enter your bank account information

  • Date
  • Statement balance.
  • Bank deposits and bank withdrawals.

The document allows you to quickly organize the bank reconciliation process.

The spreadsheet will automatically total outstanding cheques and deposits. It calculates the reconciled account balance in order to compare that balance to the bank statement balance.

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Steps to Fill out a Bank Reconciliation form

  1. Obtain your bank statement from bank or using online banking or mobile banking
  2. Print it out or open it in a browser window for online accounts.
  3. Obtain the records of your cheques and deposits.
  4. Enter the statement ending balance.
  5. Enter all of your deposits that you have recorded in your records but are NOT in shown in the bank statement.
  6. List all the cheques that are recorded in your records but NOT shown in in the bank statement.
  7. The spreadsheet will show a balance which should match your current bank account balance. If it does not then you need to check each cheque and make sure you have everything recorded properly. 

Steps to Fixing Bank Reconciliation Errors

  • If you do not get a corresponding number, subtract both numbers. If that number is divisible by 9, then you may have transposed a number in your records (recorded 73 instead of 37).
  • Sometimes older reconciled items get changed or deleted and that could throw off the reconciliation.
  • You may be missing a check or deposit. Look for an entry that matches the amount your reconciliation difference.




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