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What is the main Purpose of Management in an Organization?

Purpose of Management in an Organization:

Main purpose of Management is as under:

  1. To achieve objectives:
    The main purpose of management is to achieve certain objectives. The management starts efforts to attain a desired objective and continues its struggle till it is finally achieved.
  1. Create cooperation and coordination:
    To crate cooperation and coordination among the workers and departments. it is a source of crating coordination in the working of the individual of a working group as well as among a number of working group of enterprises.

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  1. To eliminate the waste of resources:
    Another important management purpose  is to eliminate the waste of resources. It manages for effective application of management principles and practices to eliminate the waste of resources and to accomplish the task with the east possible cost.

    Purpose of management
    Purpose of management
  2. To create a friendly relation:
    Another management purpose is to create a friendly relation among the participants of a working group devoted to the attainment of a given objective. It makes the individual worker devoted to his responsibility attached to the assignment given to him. Such devotion ensures the desired results of the enterprise. 
  3. Regulating and coordinating the activities:
    It refers to the functional aspect of an organization and aims at regulating and coordinating the activities of the individual forming the working group towards the achievement of the common goal. It provides and prescribes functional discipline and manages to enforce it in an environment of mutual help and cooperation.
  4. Makes things happen:
    managers focus their attention on bring about successful action. They know where to start what to do to keep things moving and how to follow through. It is the management that makes things happen with the proper use of human beings’ other available resources. 
  5. To solve functional problems:
    Another management purpose is to provide guidance in solving the functional problems of organization and as such, is needed being a source of guidance to organized human efforts moreover, it provides effectiveness to human efforts and makes the fruit full. 
  6. Rational use of resources:
    Another purpose of management is to make arrangement for the rational use of resources. i.e. men, money material, machine etc rational use of resources ensures the desired objectives.

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