Define and Explain What is Management ?


What is Management ?

 Management means getting things through other peoples, it is an actively which converts disorganized human and physical resources into useful and effective results. It also refers to all human activities which are related to making arrangement for achieving a certain objective in cooperation with a number of individuals who work in group in a coordinated manner. It means that management includes the organization of working group of individuals having the procedures for their join action in enterprises for achieving the desire objectives. Thus management is the creation of an internal environment and enterprises where persons working together in groups efficiently towards the attainment of group goals. it is the manager to set goals and to make the use of resources of men, materials machines, methods. money and market to achieve the desired results or maximum results with the minimum possible cost, time and energy.

Management means a process through which given objectives is achieved by making other to work. it includes the assignment of jobs to persons forming the working groups, delegating of authority among them and creating of an environment of established congenial leadership between the executives and the subordinates. The relationship gives rise to friendly attitudes towards each other and will stimulate them to work efficiently. The objective is achieved with the least mate of resources.

Some of the Definition of Management given by well know thinker are given below.          


According to Kimball and Kimall:

Management may be defining as the art of applying the economic principles that underline the control of men and material in the enterprise under consideration”.
According to Keith and Gubelline:

Management is the force that integrates men and physical plan into an effective operating unit”.

According to Oliver Sheldon:

“the term management is commonly used to cover the formulates of policy, its execution, the designing of the organization and employment.”

According to James L.Lurcy:

“Management is a principle track of planning coordinating motivating and controlling the efforts of others towards specific objective.

Henri F the father of modern management thought, define management is “To forecast and plan to organize, to command, to coordinate and to control.

In the view of above definition, we come to know that,” Management it’s the process of planning, organization directing, motivating and controlling, the efforts of others in order to achieve the desired objectives with least possible cost.”

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Management is like investment: its objective is to get the most out of resources available, add the maximum value or get the best yield.

          Leadership, is about influencing people to change direction. When senior directors decide to change direction, this is seen as leadership. because it is a judgement, it is a controlling act – not leadership. Decisions flow from authority, leadership is an act of influence. Leadership is try to inspire followers. It’s never a decision of any sort. All decisions made by directors are managerial actions.

what is management
what is management


The Meaning of Management

            We need to understand the meaning of management in order to know what management skills to develop. Think of what is means to be an investor someone with money to invest and wanting the best return. Such a person shifts his or her money around regularly to improve return.

           Similarly, managers have resources at their disposal to invest – people, material and a budget, in addition to their own time and energy. Smart managers think carefully on a regular basis about how to get the best return on these resources. When managing people, it is not just a matter of having the right employee in the right place at the right time; it is also about developing and improving that resource.

         Effective managers are catalysts, brokers, facilitators, coaches and people developers. Because thinking is the most important work we do today, managers need to ask stimulating questions to draw new solutions out of people, to get mental work done through them. This makes managers facilitators more than decision makers as they were thought of in the old days.

        Certainly they still make decisions, but ineffective managers do too much of their own thinking, hence not reaping the fullest possible return of all resources at their disposal. They are poor investors as a result.

        Effective managers know that delegation is not enough in today’s knowledge driven world to get work done through people. This is because most of the critical work we do today is to make decisions, solve problems and think creatively. This is mental work. Smart managers get this kind of work done through people by asking them the sorts of questions that stimulate people to think, to draw solutions out of people.

        Ineffective managers may delegate a lot but this is so they can be free to do most of their own thinking and problem solving. They fail to work with and through people when it comes to this mental work. Skilled managers know how to get the best out of people by asking them the right questions – those that make them think differently, not simply fact-gathering questions.

         Management needs to be upgraded for the 21st century. It needs to cast off its negative image as mechanistic, controlling and task oriented. We need a concept of management that makes it nurturing, supportive, coaching and developmental. This is essential to divide the load between leadership and management more equally.