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What is Audit Working Papers

Audit working papers /audit note book is the book which provide complete picture about the business matter. It is maintain by the audit clerk during the course of audit. Audit working papers are the property of the auditor.

What is Audit Working Papers:

        The clerk comes across through serve difficulties which he has to discus with his senior auditor or to note down several inquiries which he think have not been satisfactory such book is called an “Audit Note Book” , “Audit memorandum” and “Working Paper”.

        This book may be a great help to auditor in preparing of its audit report.

        The following authors have described the audit working papers as:

audit working papers
audit working paper sample

Howard E Steller says

        “The auditor working papers are the vehicle for assembling the extensive and varied evidence that is gathered to support the auditor’s opinion”.

Leo Herbert says

        “Working paper is the records of the information that has been obtained and of the evidence on the audit objective that have been gathered and analyzed during audit”.

Purpose of Audit Working Paper

The purpose of audit working paper are as follow.

  • to facilitate effective conduct and management of the audit assignment
  • to provide background and control for follow-up actions taken to correct deficiencies
  • to provide support for the auditor’s report
  • to provide a source of information for non-audit purposes.

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        The audit working papers which contained detailed information proved to be very helpful to the auditor in every critical moment.

        It may be also used for further guidance and reference.

Advantages and importance of audit working papers

  1. Working papers contribution in the planning and performance of the audit.
  2. Working papers are essential for audit quality control.
  3. Working papers provide assurance that the work given by the audit partner has been properly completed.
  4. Working papers provide proof that an effective audit has been carried out.
  5. Working papers increase the economy, efficiency, and effectiveness of the audit.
  6. Audit Working papers contain adequately detailed and up-to-date facts which defend the fairness of the auditor’s conclusions.
  7. Working papers hold a record of matters of remaining implication in future.
  8. The working papers allow the auditor to prepare the report to be issued in less time.

Audit Working Papers Contents :

Audit working papers include the following contents; major functions of audit working papers are as follow.

1.Contract Letter:

        The working paper contain the contact letter this letter fives right to a person to start the work of audit . it states the term and condition of appointment of an auditor.

2.Audit program:

        An audit program is a detailed plan of action to be used for audit. It is a time table of staff duties every audit requires program and then master audit program is prepared to cover all activates.

  1. Audit note book  is a part of audit working paper it contain useful information about business enterprise.
  2. Document’s copies:

        The copies of various documents are included in audit working papers the partnership deed, articles of association trust deed is collected from the management.

3.Schedule of debtors:

        The client provides schedule of debtors this list is compared with books of accounts the auditor can confirm balances from debtors. He can write letter to debtors for this purpose.

4.previous audit Details:

        The auditor can collect copies of previous audit reports .these paper become part of audit working paper the auditor can note weakness stated in old reports he can examine that some points are not repeated in books of current year.

5.Resolution copies:

        The auditor collect copies of resolution the decisions of management should be implemented in preparing books of accounts the auditor can confirm whether such decision are implemented or not.


        The management can buy shared certificate of other companies investment can be made through broker. The registrar of interment provides relent information; the detail of investment is recorded in working papers.

7.Detailed of questions:

        The auditor an ask number of questions to the management. The details of questions recorded in working papers the question not peppery answered are included in audit report the queries settled are dropped from working papers.

Types of audit working papers

Audit Working Papers example:


Conclusion of audit working paper:

        Who so ever in possession of audit working papers should be responsible for their save custody working paper are the property of an auditor but they should not show to the third party except with permission of the client.


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